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HARP Home affordable refinance program: Refinancing tips

You can refinance with HARP  home affordable refinance program  even when you are under water. After the real-estate house of cards collapsed in 2008, the federal government stepped in help struggling homeowners. The answer was the HARP Home Affordable Refinance Program. Read More

Lower home mortgage interest rates can help you save- how to get the best mortgage rates

Know how to get the best mortgage rates, because it helps you save and helps you get rich slowly. The internet is full of mortgage companies and advertisers offering extremely low mortgage interest rates. Online home mortgage advertising is like the wild west bombarding customers with non-existent rates and requirements to qualify that only apply to the smallest minority of homeowners.

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Current home mortgage interest rate and refinance options: Could this be the best time to refinance?

Current home mortgage interest rate is one of the most important factors in evaluating refinance options. Home mortgage interest rates have been on the downward trend for the past few years. The past few weeks however have witnessed a surge in interest rates.

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Refinance Home Mortgage Loan- Is Refinancing Your Mortgage the Right Move?

Refinance home mortgage loan is a way to restructure your mortgage. Refinancing is an important decision which needs thought and timing. Having a mortgage is one of the largest debts many people inevitably encounter. It spans a long period of time, considering that the average home loan exists for around 15-30 years. Read More

How to prepare for mortgage before you apply for a mortgage loan

How to prepare for mortgage – is essential for you to know before you apply for mortgage loan. Whether you are purchasing a home or refinancing, preparing ahead of time is key. Planning ahead will lead to lower costs, a better interest rate and a smoother loan process.

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