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Purchasing Real Estate for an Investment

Do you wonder if now is  time for purchasing real estate for an investment? The combination of low home prices and interest rates is making buying investment properties more attractive than ever. With the real-estate market recovering, the timing is excellent to move beyond considering investment properties and take action.

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FHA Back to Work Program: New FHA Rules Allows New FHA Loan

New FHA rules regarding mortgages can benefit certain groups of borrowers. The program, “Back to Work – Extenuating Circumstances,” allows a new FHA loan in the event of foreclosure, bankruptcy, short sale, or deed-in-lieu one year after the event. Read More

Top 10 inexpensive home improvement tips to increase value of your home

Loan City Home Loan has home improvement ideas and tips to increase the value of your home in an inexpensive way.  Yes, value of your home can be increased by some simple home improvement  strategies and without having to find yourself cash poor.

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Homepath Mortgage – a home mortgage with only 3% down

Homepath Mortgage – is a home mortgage without mortgage insurance requires as little as 3.0% down. Read More

Most common home mortgage myths busted

With increasing home values more homeowners are becoming eligible to refinance their home mortgage. However, before you jump into refinancing your home, make sure you educate yourself on some of the most common mortgage  myths.