DON’T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU Here are some straig htforward ways to protect your ID and credit rating.
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Guard against identity theft

You keep a close eye on your wallet, hide your valuables and lock your vehicles. Are you as protective with your identity? If your Identity is stolen your putting your financial livelihood at great risk. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Using preventive measures is definitely easier than the cure: It can take several years to clean up the devastation left behind by an identity thief. Here are some way to prevent identity theft.


Watch your credit score:
If a thief got a hold of your personal information, how would you know? One way is to keep a close eye on your credit report and watch for changes in your score.
Shop smart:
Online shopping provides many conveniences, but be sure to look for a security seal and https in the URL when it comes time to enter any personal information. This quick check can help stop you from being phished and disclosing your identity on a counterfeit website.
Don't share your personal information:
Before providing any personal information, especially at doctors' offices and other places of business, ask why the information is needed. Accidental disclosures on the business end can put you at risk for identity theft.
Strengthen your passwords:
Changing your passwords often and using numbers, symbols, and uppercase letters can help protect you and your accounts from being hacked.
Lock up your government IDs:
Lost or stolen identification are increasingly difficult to replace. When not in use, store your government-issued identification (Social Security Card, Passport) in a safe place, preferably not on your person.
Stay alert (Skimming, Shoulder Surfers, Strange ATMs, Phishing, SMSishing, Vishing):
High-tech thieves are busy coming up with inventive ways to get at your personal information, including skimming your credit card during check out, shoulder surfing to snap a picture of your account, and phishing for your identity via email, websites, texting, or phone calls.
Guard your mail:
Protect your mailbox from thieves by replacing unlocked versions with a secure model. This simple task helps to reduce the chances of mail theft. As an added precaution, place your mail on hold while you travel.
Shred and destroy your documents:
Dumpster diving is a proven method for thieves to gain access to your personal information by stealing discarded information. Shred it and forget it.