Your Checklist

 For a Faster Purchase




We’ve put together this list of items to help you prepare for your first call with your Home Loan Expert. This will allow us to get you a solid pre-approval — which means you’ll know how much home you can afford to buy. Keep in mind, if you can’t find something or don’t know how to find it, don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for.

To get started, here’s what we recommend you have ready for your first call:

  • Know your buying time frame

    (signed purchase agreement, making an offer in 30 days, hoping to buy in 2–3 months, not sure of timing)

  • Have your W2s and previous 2 years Federal Income Tax statements ready

  • Proof of employment history

    (your latest pay stub(s), including year-to-date earnings)

  • Know your credit score

    (you can get a free report and score at

  • Two Months Most Current Asset Statements

    (i.e. bank statements, retirement & 401K account statements, etc)

  • Know your down payment

    (how much you have available now to put towards the loan)

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